Day of the Dead - Season 1 Episode 3

Six strangers trying to survive the first 24 hours of an undead invasion.
Season 1 - Day of the Dead
15 Oct 2021
"A normal day for the town of Mawinhaken takes a horrifying turn when the dead begin to rise. Cam and Lauren make a shocking discovery at the cemetery. Meanwhile, McDermott investigates a mystery under the Cleargenix fracking operatio"
29 Oct 2021
"Jai, Cam, and Lauren take a stand to save the retirement home from the dead. Mayor Bowman tracks down the zombified protestor, Nicole learns a shocking secret. Rhodes hunts down Blackwood as Dr. Logan begins research on the fracking "
10 Dec 2021
"Cornered, the survivors seek any refuge, ultimately taking help from mysterious armed strangers."