The Worst Witch - Season 3 Episode 1

Mildred Hubble lives an ordinary life with her mum Julie, until the day that Maud Spellbody crashes her broomstick into their balcony and nothing is ever the same again. Maud introduces ...

Episode: 1/40 eps

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - The Worst Witch
"Mildred Hubble's world changes when a witch crashes into her balcony. She visits Cackle's Academy where she is amazed by everything - the magic, the potions, and that every student gets their own cat."
"After she visits Cackle's Academy with her new witch friend Maud Spellbody, Mildred attempts to enrol by taking the magical exam."
"Mildred learns that having a scaredy cat makes life at witching school tough - especially when Ethel Hallow is determined to see her fail."
"Everyone's excited at the arrival of Enid, a young witch from the famous Nightshade family. Enid sees that Mildred is the local unwitting troublemaker and immediately latches onto her - it's the last thing Mildred needs."
"Mildred is having fun jumping high into the air with Enid, using pirated magic to make the grass bouncy. Maud is getting fed up with Enid constantly distracting Mildred - Maud knows Mildred needs to knuckle down if she's going to stand a chance at the academy and can't bear the thought of losing her."
"Miss Cackle isn't herself when the Great Wizard visits, leaving her job in jeopardy."
"Mildred learns not to take shortcuts when a wisdom spell goes wrong."
"Maud\u2019s panic about parent\u2019s evening pushes her to use a forgetting powder, meanwhile Mildred wonders if her mum is a witch after all."
"Mildred goes on a hair-raising journey while looking into her magical heritage, meanwhile Ethel thinks she's queen bee when she grows a wart."
"There is more than just the Spelling Bee at stake when Miss Hardbroom's rival comes to Cackle's Academy. Meanwhile, Maud and Enid try to help Tabby to catch mice but make things much worse."
"Mildred learns about Cackle's history when she and Ethel accidently slip into the Cackle's of the past."
"As the end of year exams loom, Miss Cackle\u2019s secret is still weighing heavy on Mildred\u2019s mind."
"Agatha takes over the school, and without Mildred there, who will save the day?"
Season 2 - The Worst Witch
"It's the first day of term and Mildred stumbles upon something very important."
"Mildred and Ethel are more at odds than ever, so Miss Cackle sets a friendship trap on them, pushing them too close for comfort."
"Ethel\u2019s clone spell spirals out of control."
"Miss Mould helps Mildred with her magic, and Beatrice reveals the source of her sneezing. A famed chantress's biggest fan has an even bigger secret."
"A lesson on family trees gets Mildred thinking about finding her dad. Ethel can\u2019t resist making a cruel joke at Mildred\u2019s expense. Sports Day pushes Maud to take desperate measures."
"Enid takes a practical joke too far and is threatened with expulsion. Mildred turns herself into a bat but can\u2019t remember how to turn herself back. Clarice struggles to understand the appeal of practical jokes."
"Mildred can't understand why the girls are so scared of collecting potions ingredients in the woods until she comes face to face with an unusual creature."
"Mildred and Enid try to help Maud but accidentally turn her into a baby."
"Miss Cackle goes to find out her fate at the Magic Council."
"Miss Pentangle teaches modern witching workshops."
"Mildred meddles in Miss Bat and Mr Rowan-Webb\u2019s relationship."
"The girls ask their ancestors for help reigniting the Founding Stone. Meanwhile, at the school Halloween party, magic's misfiring in every direction."
"With the academy in crisis -- and her friends trapped in a deep freeze -- Mildred considers a selfless sacrifice to save the day."
Season 3 - The Worst Witch
"When Miss Cackle refuses Mildred's request to make her mum Julie magical, angry Mildred enters the Great Wizard's broomstick-flying contest. She's determined to win a Wishing Star so she can give Julie magic herself. But Mildred is thwarted by bitter rival Ethel Hallow, and both girls are disqualified - only for Mildred to make a surprising discovery."
"Some witches are more welcoming than others when Mildred's nonmagical mother, Julie, reports for duty as the school's new art teacher."
"After turning her mother into a witch, Mildred worries she's made a mistake. Beatrice trains under Miss Tapioca and bakes up a revealing recipe."
"Julie's newfound magic is a little out of control. Elsewhere, Ethel's so full of rage that she turns herself into a Swamp Troll."
"A wise owl holds the key to solving two different problems: Beatrice needs help passing a potions exam, and Maud's cat is slowly disappearing!"
"An addictive new game has the whole school under its spell -- with serious side effects. Meanwhile, students and teachers are going missing."
"When a guilty Mildred confesses her theft to Miss Hardbroom, it stirs up memories of a fateful friendship -- and a terrible mistake."
"Indigo Moon returns to the academy, unaware that 30 years have passed since she turned into stone. Clarice wakes up with a bothersome boil."
"Enid casts a spell on her famous mother so they can spend more time together. Indigo's trying -- but failing -- to fit in, so she runs away."
"Mildred gets creative to stop Indigo from feeling so sad. Tension brews between Miss Tapioca and her daughter on the day of the Midsummer meal."
"Faced with a mess before Indigo's examination, Mildred bewitches a broom -- and sparks a revolution. A mysterious witch comes looking for her dog."
"On the day of Miss Bat's wedding, Mildred and Ethel team up to steal a priceless gift, and Beatrice, Sybil and Clarice bungle an important assignment."
"An unlikely hero steps forward on the last day of school when an evil presence takes to the skies and threatens to destroy the academy."
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